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Fusion and Street is a fusion of the global street food phenomenon and the wholesomeness of soup. we've brought these two passions together to create wonderfully stimulating and quality fresh soups.

Fusion and Street is about enjoying what's good in life, embracing new experiences, mixing it up and seeing where the journey leads. Our expert chefs carefully select the best ingredients from each city's street food, adding an unexpected but beautiful twist to the great soups we love already.

Inspired by the global street food phenomenon, we have taken our inspiration from a diverse range of street food locations. Cities like Bangkok with its bustling streets full of great tastes and new food experiences around every corner. Mumbai - where many great nations have taken food inspiration from. Noisy and vibrant Marrakech, where the night markets are the place to sample great tasting dishes. Mexico City which inspires our rich and flavoursome tomato soup, a real taste of what this great city has to offer.

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A taste of Marrakech  

A Taste of Marrakech

Close A taste of Marrakech

Vegetable Soup With _ Puy Lentils Cumin and Ginger

The rhythm and hum of Marrakech and it's meandering streets are magnetic. Turn each corner and welcome a wealth of new senses. Open this little pot of soup and discover your own Marrakech street food experience.

A taste of Bangkok  

A Taste of Bangkok

Close A taste of bangkok

Chicken Soup With _ Thai Spices, Jasmine Rice and Fresh Lime

Few cities in the world awaken your senses like Bangkok. The rhythm of the city, its flavour, its colour, its people - exciting and invigorating. Open this little pot of soup and discover your own Bangkok street experience.

A taste of Mumbai  

A Taste of Mumbai

Close A taste of Mumbai

Chicken Soup With _ Garam Masala Spices and Basmati Rice

Mumbai throbs with energy. A melting pot of culture, colour and contrast, it is both manic and magical, summed up perfectly by its iconic street markets. Open this little pot of soup and discover your own Mumbai street food experience.

A taste of Mexico City  

A Taste of Mexico City

Close A taste of Mexico City

Tomato Soup With _ Fresh Coriander Red Beans and Corn

Mexico City pulses with colourful, sensual attitude. An edgy fusion of historical and surreal culture, its street food blends traditional ingredients with a rainbow of flavour. Open this little pot of soup and discover your own Mexican street food experience.


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Fusion and Street is manufactured in Ireland by The Kilkenny Food Company.

24 Thomas Street, Co. Kilkenny.

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